The shop was born in 2008 with the idea of providing custom tshirts at low quantities, low cost, and without the use of harsh chemicals that are so common in the industry. It would be the “Positive Approach” to tshirt printing. we print everything by hand & in house.

We started with a small clientele of bands, local support and some start-up equipment in our parents basements. We now print for many local companies as well as international corporations, national touring bands, fundraisers & anyone who needs tshirts.

We would love to print for you!

Since opening, we have expanded twice. Our shop makes its home in the west side of buffalo, now part of the growing community on Connecticut Street. Although our operations are set up for large print runs, we still have a very low minimum.

We always guarantee the quality of our product. Since our pricing is set on a job by job basis, we believe that we can offer the best price for your job. If you find a lower price and would like to work with us, just show us a written quote and we will match it!

Superior Quality. Always on Top.